Nature and Walking Guides in Tuscany




Kilometro Inverso is the result of our common love for living outdoors and for nature that express themselves at their most in our hometown, Siena and its province.

This for us is the beginning of a new chapter, based on the passions that we have in common and the name represents our philosophy: each step, each hike, each kilometre done, are an experience that shared together, returns and leaves a trace deep inside us.

claudia bocci guida ambientale

Claudia Bocci

I could never give up beauty, traveling and a good glass of wine in company

giulia ciatti guida ambientale

Giulia Ciatti

I love exploring, immerging myself in nature and let myself be stroked by beauty.

jacopo franci guida ambientale

Jacopo Franci

For me, in each excursion and in general in every journey there is no chronometer, no top chart.



Trekker dog, strong diver, I am happy to guide you in the adventures of Kilometro Inverso


An ENVIRONMENTAL TURIST GUIDE is who “as a profession, guides single people or groups ensuring the necessary technical support when visiting natural environments, even manmade, natural museums, with the scope to highlight the elements, the characteristics, the ecological relationships, the relationship with history and cultural traditions, the landscape attractions and to provide, also, the elements of environmental education. The itineraries that require the use of mountaineering equipment are not included”.