Hiking Trails in Italy

hiking trails italy tuscany

It’s summertime and for many it’s synonym of holidays and adventures, so why not consider the idea to go for a hiking tour?
Hiking tours are a great way to get into contact with a territory, to taste it and appreciate it with all your senses. There are many reasons to go for a hiking trail, it can be a simple exploration or the need to dunk completely in nature for days and days to escape from the frenzy rhythm of everyday life and take sometime for yourself.
There are many routes you can explore by foot in Italay, there are options that can take up to several days and bring you into contact with new regions (and why not of ourselves). Here is our small wish list of trails that we found interesting and some that we still have to explore and dream to visit as soon as possible.



The Apuan Alps are a unique territory in Tuscany, that mistakenly are considered minor due to their limited height (the highest peak is Mount Pisanino, 1946 metres): Never the less from a structure perspective there are very similar to the Alps.
Thanks to their proximity to the Coast, the panoramas offered are stunning and you can enjoy a 360º degree view such as the one you can observe from the Pania della Croce and it’s incredible surrounding nature. It is possible to cross the Alps from North to South (or vice versa) with a trail that brings you from one lodge to the other in approximately 6 days.
It is a demanding trail but the final satisfaction is unique!
If you are thinking to explore this area, why don’t you join us in our “trekking in the Apuans” a two- day trail that leads you to discover the Mount Forato of the Panie group and a characteristic lodge.


hiking trail via francigena

This is our “camino” that crosses Tuscany in its entirety.
Starting from Canterbury, the Francigena arrives in Italy thru the Gran San Bernardo Pass and reaches Tuscany from the Cisa Pass and from there it crosses Lunigiana, Lucca, Altopascio, San Gimignano, the Val d’Elsa, Monteriggioni, Siena, the Val d’Arbia and Val d’Orcia to continue in direction of Rome. Along this Way, a number of different sceneries and atmospheres alternate each other’s.
Following the paths of ancient pilgrims that wanted to reach Rome, it is possible every day to experience a new reality, made of several stopovers, and shared meals, new encounters and stunning landscapes. It can be an incredible opportunity to re-discover the territory in which you
live, because just like Marcel Proust suggested: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”.