Hiking Trails in Italy

Hiking Trails in Italy It’s summertime and for many it’s synonym of holidays and adventures, so why not consider the idea to go for a hiking tour?Hiking tours are a great way to get into contact with a territory, to taste it and appreciate it with all your senses. There are many reasons to go for a hiking trail, it […]

Trekking in Apuan Apls

Trekking in the Apuan Alps THE ORIGINS OF THE APUAN ALPS Defined the “mountains emerged from the sea”, the chain formed approximately 220 million years ago during the Triassic period when, with a deeper sea, limestone reefs grew in height, creating the existentridge reaching its highest peak of 1.947  metres of Mount Pisanino. Trace of […]

Hiking Monte Amiata

Hiking Monte Amiata The fire mountain The Amiata is an ancient volcano that rises unexpectedly in the middle of the countryside between Siena and Grosseto. The peak reaches 1738m  and represents what in Italy is called a SIC (a site of interest for the community). The Amiata is both a mount and a mountain depending […]

Mountain Bike Trails in Tuscany

Mountain Bike Trails in Tuscany With no time or placement restriction and the absence of competitiveness, bike trails represent a wider concept compared to the traditional Mountain Bike disciplines. Just imagine riding a bike in the middleof the stunning Tuscan landscapes with no time constrains. In France, similar experiences have led Mountain Biking to become […]

Fall Foliage in Tuscany

FALL FOLIAGE IN TUSCANY Autumn, season of mushrooms, chestnuts, new olive oil and…Fall Foliage!Yes you have understood well! This amazing season allows us not only to appreciate the food and wine specialties of this period of the year, but also to admire of the shifting colours of trees and plants that are preparing for winter.From […]


Why explore Tuscany hiking or biking? We tried to make a list for you: hiking and biking are ways to travel that allow us to discover in depth a territory. What really counts is not the final destination rather how you experience the trails of this unique territory. Index: TUSCAN LANDSCAPE DISCOVER THE LEGACY IMMERSE […]