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Kilometro Inverso is a group of Environmental Tourist Guides that organizes trekking, walking and mountain bike hikes, in Tuscany and Italy. Discover with us new destinations, be surprised and be seduced by beauty with a new and extraordinary view. Explore destinations and itineraries to discover nature, experience emotions and learn about our territory with a dynamic and entertaining approach.



Trekking Via Francigena

via francigena trekking
customized excursion

Hiking Chianti

chinati hiking
customized excursion

Florence Urban Trekking

florence hiking
customized excursion

Biking Monteriggioni

monteriggioni biking
customized excursion

Biking Crete Senesi

Crete Senesi biking
customized excursion

Trekking Val d’Orcia

val d'orcia hiking
customized excursion

Trekking San Gimignano

san gimignano hiking
customized excursion

Siena Urban Trekking

siena hiking
customized excursion

What people say

  • Finding myself cycling, uphill, in the silent mysterious noise of nature, with the mind finally detached and entirely concentrated on the bike ride, focused on gaining the euphoria and the joy of the slope; the astonishment of a ruin, of an unknown story, the sudden encounter with animals, the breaks, the views of the landscape and the castle of Monteriggioni from unusual perspectives … the Team of Kilometro Inverso imparted me a natural sense of security, essential to retrieve and rediscover that sound relationship with nature that gave me back in exchange an incredible well-being.

    Francesco Terzuoli- Architect
  • In my spare time I feel the need to “sediment” the stories of the people I meet, to unburden myself so that I can start over again and I do it walking with Kilometro Inverso. With them I have learnt to be part of the landscape, and step by step to be able to measure and challenge my own boundaries.

    Cristina Rubegni- Professional Counsellor and Career Advisor